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The New X Men Sentinel Revealed! And It Looks Mean

Brian Singer just tweeted the first full view of

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the new X men sentinel set to star in the new X men movie

x men sentinel

The dinky human holding onto the leg is Brian Singer, the director of the X men movies as well as the new X men: Days of Future Past. This new movie will reunite Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellan, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, and Jennifer Lawrence. Wait, what? Didn’t the original trilogy end with everybody dead or powerless? Just how many sequels, prequels, spin offs, and remakes will be spun out of X men anyways?

This new movie takes place across two timelines,

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one taking place 10 years after X men: The Last Stand and another roughly 10 years after First Class. The Plot goes something like this: Wolverine gets sent back in time to warn the First Class X men about an impending assassination that will lead to anti-mutant laws that leads to the rise of the mutant

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hunting sentinels. The sentinels are so successful that it leads to the near extermination of the mutants and a dystopian, watchmen-esque future. You can see a teaser video of it here.

vacuumI don’t know how this plot synopsis sounds like

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to movie critics and non believers, but as a superhero fanboy, wow, this sounds fricking awesome! Time travel! Alternate time lines! Magneto! Wolverine! Fighting gigantic robots! Throw in some extra mutants, anti-government sentiments, civil war persecution references and what’s not to love?

The X men Sentinel in the picture above, although not 100% faithful to the comics, is a real 18 ft robot! Yeah, the chest vent looks like a huge car air vent. Yeah, the legs

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look like a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Yeah, the head looks like a terminator T-800 reject in a plastic case. Yeah, it has exposed robot genitalia. All these nitpicking aside, in this day and age of CGI everything, it is refreshing to see a real

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life model, and since it is a real life-movie and not comics/cartoons, I say Singer nailed it.

You can see the the X men sentinels own the mutants summer of next year. Wait, what about the hot trifecta of Frost, Storm, and Phoenix?

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