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Gundam Action Figures

When you’re hooked on something, you would get almost anything that reminds you of that special addiction. This is also true for an anime series that you love

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so much to the extent where you want a memorabilia of it. And speaking of which, one of the most in demand anime action figures in the market is the Gundam franchise action figures. In fact, it is not a rare sight to see a simple fan turn to a collector of Gundam action figures.

gundam action figures

What Is Gundam?

Created by Sunrise studios, Gundam and Gundam Wing is a popular space opera anime series that

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features gigantic robots or “mecha” that are called “Mobile Suits” (MS). A Gundam is an advanced and high performing MS. Generally equipped with high technology, they are often built to have more power than the standard production MS.

The definition of Gundam varies from timeline to timeline, but in most series it is used as an acronym for something. The protagonist’s MS usually carries the name Gundam that typically has the colors along the shades of sports red, yellow, white, and blue.

Gundam History

The first and original timeline for the series was the Universal Century (UC) series. This includes Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam (1985). In the 1990s, alternative timelines have been created and produced which includes the Future Century, After Colony, Correct Century, Cosmic Era, Anno Domini as well as the recent Advanced Generation timelines.

Most of early Gundam series are under the Universal Century (UC) calendar. Those that came after that are set in alternate timelines and mostly unrelated to the UC calendar system, instead connected in the Correct Century. gundam models

Each timeline defines GUNDAM in different acronyms. The conflicts and settings also vary from timeline to timeline.

The first Gundam is the RX-78-2 from the first series Mobile Suit Gundam. The designs of MS that came after that can trace its origin from the RX-78-2.

As of the present, the Gundam franchise is a trademark that is worth billions of yen. Not only is Gundam praised in Japan but it is popular all over the world for its story and iconic mecha. With its longevity and achievements, Gundam has remained as one of the most successful anime series of all time.


Gundam Mecha Types and Variations

gundam figuresThe many variations of the Gundam robots vary from series to series. In the UC series, the Gundams are usually equipped with beam weapons and

armored in a special alloy called Luna Titanium or “Gundarium”. When the use of this Gundarium became widespread, distinguishing the Gundams became harder, especially because they used other alloys to manufacture the robots, such as the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II.

In this era, GUNDAM is an acronym for General-purpose Utility Non-Discontinuity Augmentation Maneuvering weapon system.

The robots in the Future Century were made of lightweight and ultra heavy-duty Gundarium alloy. The mobile fighters in the Gundam mecha were piloted by their pilots with the help of the Mobile Trace System.

Here, GUNDAM is an acronym for Gamma Unificational Dimalium Amalgam Mobile-suit.

In the time of After Colony, the robots were already loosely defined as mobile suits made of Gundarium.

In AC, GUNDAM stands for Genetic on Universal Neutrally Different Alloy-nium Mobile Suit.

As the After War era commenced, the robots were now advanced high-performing mobile suits that were designed and built by the United Nations Earth. But in the Correct Century, only one Gundam was present, which was the SYSTEM ∀-99 (WD-M01) ∀ Gundam.

The mobile suits in the Cosmic Era were prototypes that require a powerful mobile suit operation system to function (M.O.S). By then, the crew of the Archangel gave several acronyms to GUNDAM once again.

The most distinct Gundam of all the timelines was created in the Anno Domini timelines. They contain a core generator known as the GN Drive. This generator is capable of sustaining independent unit function for an unspecific period of time without refueling.

Why You Should Buy Gundam Action Figures Online

gundam wing action figures

There are several reasons why you should buy your action figures over the Internet. One reason is that there is a vast range of options for you. Some gundam models especially are sold only online and not in stores. Another good reason is that you have more

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price options. You can compare different prices for you to get the best and smartest purchase. Lastly, it’s easy, fast, and hassle-free.


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