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Giant Mecha In Live Action Patlabor Movie: A Full Scale Mecha!

They’re making a Patlabor movie! With real mechas and not those fake CGI posers!

patlabor movie


The Japanese did it again. They made something I need for no other reason then that

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it’s totally cool. The above badass mecha is going to be in a movie. In a Patlabor movie to be released sometime in 2014. According to the pictures, they completely nailed it. The Japanese are different in that when they adapt a comic

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book or cartoon, they stay loyal to the source material and try to bring the comic/cartoon to life, complete with purple hair, spandex, and cheap special effects. This is contrary to the Americans who try to adapt it to reality, thereby killing the essence of the source material.

Mobile Police Patlabor is a manga/anime franchise created by Headgear. It is set in the near future where heavy robots, or “labors”, are created for use in a variety of functions suitable for heavy machinery: construction, military, etc. Since the labors and their operators can become dangerous, the police department of the future also maintain their own advanced patrol labor units, or “Patlabors.” This is the story of the main protagonist Noa Izumi and the patlabor cops of the 2nd Special Vehicles Division, a motley crew doing their best to fight crime and live a normal live.

The popularity of the series spawned a manga series, feature length animation movies, TV anime series, and video games, along with the usual licensed merchandising, toys and all those other super profitable ventures. And now it has spawned the ultimate: a live action movie. The team responsible for this movie are all badasses in their respective fields with monster credits in their profile like: Ghost in the Shell, .hack,

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Gundam, and Evangelion.

patlabor movie


This mecha makes the recently revealed X men sentinel look like an oversized vacuum cleaner and Jaegars look like oversized Real Steel rejects. Hollywood should take a lesson from these guys and learn how to make a real badass robot. In

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a fight, I would bet my money on a Patlabor over any scrap metal Hollywood can dish up.

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giant japanese mecha

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