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Gears Of War Action Figures –

After the success of the third-person-shooter video game Gears of War proved, Epic Games and NECA teamed up with each other to create a series of explicitly detailed action figures based upon the characters from the video game. As of now, ten series of Gears of War action figures have been released by them, while there are also two series of action figures that are exclusively available at Toys R Us stores.

What Is Gears Of War?

Gears of Wars is set on the planet Sera where billions

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of humans are slaughtered by the Locust horde that emerges from the planet’s crust at the beginning of the game. The surviving humans make the desperate move of retreating to Jacinto Plateau, the planet’s only remaining safe haven. There they decide to use chemical weapons and satellites to destroy the rest of the planet with hopes of destroying their threat along with it.

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After the plateau is infiltrated by the locusts, Marcus Fenix, a young Coalition of Organized Governments (COG) soldier, disobeys orders by leaving his position in an attempt to save his trapped father.

The game picks up 14 years later when Dominic Santiago, Marcus’s friend rescues him from the prison he was sentenced to, and Marcus is reinstated to the COG. Now, Marcus and Dominic as a part of the COG, along with Augustus Cole and Damon Baird, who are members of the Alpha squad, must take down the Locust threat so that peace can be restored to what remains of the society on Sera.

Gears Of War Characters

Overall, Gears of Wars includes a long list of characters, but some of the major ones are as follows:

  • Marcus Fenix – He is the main protagonist of Gears of War. Throughout the duration of first game and the two sequels of Gears of War, Marcus maintains his position as the leader of the COG.
  • Augustus Cole (Cole Train) – Private Augustus Cole “Cole Train” is one of Marcus’s COG colleagues from the Alpha Squad, with an enthusiastic and vibrant, often outspoken, personality.
  • Damon Baird – Corporal Damon Baird is Augustus’s partner on the Alpha Squad. Although he tends to be cynical and skeptical, he also happens to be very intelligent.
  • Dominic Santiago (Dom) – Corporal Dominic Santiago is a veteran soldier and member of the Special Forces, a close friend and longtime comrade of Marcus, and has a strong sense of family just like his friend.

Gears Of War Action Figures

The boxes of the Series One and Series Two Gears of War action figures feature only the “Gears of War” graphic at the top. The art on the box of the Series Three, Four, Five and Six action figures is featured along with the “Gears of War 2” graphic. The box of the Series Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten features the “Gears of War 3” graphic, while the box of the Series 10 figures also has the “Gears of War Judgment” graphic.

The first and second series of action figures based on Gears of War released in August 2008, before Gears of War 2 was launched. The Marcus Fenix and Augustus Cole action figures along with figures based on a Locust Sniper and Drone are included in Series One. Series Two includes action figures based on Marcus Fenix, Damon Baird, Dominic Santiago, as well as figures based on a Theron Guard and Sentinel.

The four series of action figures based on Gears of War 2 were released in 2008, and three series of action based on Gears of War 3 were released near the end of 2011. The very first series of action figures based on Gears of War: Judgement was released in March 2013, and a Lieutenant Damon Baird action figure is included in the series.

Special Edition action figures and Special Multi-Packs have also been released, although exclusively, while Batsu figures are also available. Exclusive designs of existing characters and other minor characters are featured in these packs. The San Diego Comic Con was the venue where many of these special editions were released.

Why You Should Buy Gears Of War Action Figures Online?

The Gears of War action figures are worth buying for anyone who is a fan of the third-person-shooter video game, and they are simply marvelous as collectibles. However, what is even better is that these action figures can be ordered online from the comfort of home, which is convenient and safe. So that is enough of a reason to buy them online and start collecting.

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