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Gangnam Style Psy’s Dad Gets an 800% Stock Boost

Pappa Gangnam Style!

gangnam style psy

Shares of DI Corp., a South Korean company that makes testing equipment for the semiconductor industry, shot up last year. What’s that got to do with the awesome picture above or with anything we here in America care about? Well, we here in America care about Psy, and DI Corp. is owned by none other than Sir Gangnam Style Psy’s father.

Really? A stupid K-pop song with a billion you tube views raises the value of a corporation by 800%? Well, Gangnam Style is the all-time most viewed YouTube video, Psy is a super mega star, and DI is a dinky company in a small country easily swayed by popular culture and popular trends. No matter what you think about the singer/rapper or his crazy music video, you cannot argue Gangnam Style Psy’s impact on pop culture, not only in Korea, but all over the world. At the height of its popularity, you had Madonna doing the Gangnam style. Madonna!! the material girl herself!!!

We in America can just shrug and

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laugh this off but apparently in Korea, it’s a big deal. Economists, investors, theorists, and the neighborhood store owners are theorizing the cause of this Gangnam stock phenomenon with terms like “investor recognition hypothesis” getting thrown around but essentially the reason is this: if your son is a super mega star all over the world, setting YouTube records, joking with Mr. Spielberg, making truckloads of won, then obviously, all that money will trickle down to the father as well, thereby driving up your value.

Put it like this: if you own a company, and Justin Bieber is your son, is there any way for your business to not rise in value? Regardless, we’re not hating on Gangnam Style, Psy, or his dad. It was another worldwide pop phenomenon that was pretty interesting while it lasted.

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